Problem Throw Shoes Arda Turan to the Assistant Referee

Problem Throw Shoes Arda Turan to the Assistant Referee

Problem Throw Shoes Arda Turan to the Assistant Referee

Madrid – Atletico Madrid lost to Barcelona in the second leg of the last eight of the Copa del Rey. Plus some controversial refereeing decisions, Arda Turan struck the assistant referee’s frustrating to use shoe.

Winning twice, both times Atletico Madrid Barcelona equalized by the time the two teams face off at the Vicente Calderon on Thursday (01/29/2015) pm dawn earlier. Atletico then even left behind 2-3 in the first 45 minutes.

The lagging condition and Barcelona began to play ball possession in the second half to make some host players frustrated and do some hard fouls. Too many yellow cards issued by the referee, one of which is aimed at Arda Turan.

What happens at Atletico midfielder was very unusual. Suddenly he threw shoes at the assistant referee who was standing a few feet away.

It will start from the struggle for the ball which he did with Dani Alves. Losing control of the round leather and shoes to be separated, Turan seemed to look forward to the violation. In fact the referee and linesman did not say so. So shoes that he picked up from the grass instead of reuse but instead ditimpuk toward the assistant referee.

Fortunately accuracy throws players from Turkey was not okay. Shoes that she misses posing away from the target.

Perhaps aware that he could not continue the game with only one shoe, he then asked her shoes are returned. A staff Atletico took the shoes and handed to him. In addition to his shoes back he was also a yellow card from referee.

“That action unjustified and wrong. But you can understand that he is a natural tension conditions. And he has been sentenced to a yellow card,” said Atletico manager Clemente Villaverde in the US.