Already Wins Everything in Barca, Messi Can Join PSG

Already Wins Everything in Barca, Messi Can Join PSG

Already Wins Everything in Barca, Messi Can Join PSG

Barcelona – Lionel Messi has won practically all the world’s top titles with Barcelona. Therefore, if he needs a new challenge then Paris Saint-Germain assessed so the right club.

This was revealed by former colleagues at Barca Messi, Eric Abidal. Throughout the 11 seasons with the senior team Barca, Messi won the whole title is already available.

In the domestic arena, the title of the Spanish League, Copa del Rey and the Spanish Super Cup already felt. While on the European scene and the world, a wide degree of the Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup also embraced. In fact the whole title was acquired not just once.

Various trophies were also confirmed with individual awards. Start the title of the world’s best, Europe, until the record-impressive record in his name.

With a wide range of achievement that, Messi may begin shortage challenge at Barca. If you need a new adventure, Abidal assess PSG will be right for the Argentine international striker.

“He has won everything and maybe he would consider a new challenge, to win new things as well,” said Abidal told Football Espana.

“PSG has built a group of players with determination and a lot of goals to be achieved. This may be the best club that will please Leo,” he added.

Messi himself some time ago had speculated his future as seen rumored check-choke with coach Luis Enrique. The news said he asked Enrique to not rotate and play as a starter, or will leave.

But Abidal six years with Messi not believe it happened. Based on his experience, he never saw the figure of 27 years was further demands.

“He never demanded the person who tinkers on the team. I never saw any claim to be,” said Abidal, who is playing at Olympiakos.