From Asia, the Socceroos World Shooting

From Asia, the Socceroos World Shooting

From Asia, the Socceroos World Shooting

Sydney – Australia recently won his first title at the Asian Cup, almost 10 years since joining the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) in 2006. The dream of higher now beginning to be grown: Socceroos want to conquer the world.

In the final match, which was held on Saturday (01/31/2015), Australia’s 2-1 win over South Korea through the extra period.

“I am currently difficult to speak, I was just super proud to all parties … I can not be happy again. The courage of the players who have shown outstanding tonight,” said Australia coach Ange Postecoglou in

It became healers proper sense of disappointment Australia four years ago when I had to settle for a runner-up for the 2011 Asian Cup, as a result of the Japanese lost 0-1 in extra-time.

The fact that this time won the title when he became the host for the first time in the Asian Cup Postecoglou helped add to the excitement. “I know everyone in the corners of this country will rise up from the couch and would not be able to sleep tonight.”

Since joining the AFC, Australia has three times to participate in the Asian Cup title by showing an increase. Having finished a quarter in 2007, they entered the final and finished runner-up in 2011, before finally emerged as the winner of this year.

“Hopefully, since now we can target the Aussie team (success) in the (level) of the world,” said Postecoglou, former Australian national team defender who was born in Greece 49 years ago.

Competition at the world level is much more fierce. Moreover, so far the best performance of Australia in the World Cup round of 16 of the new up in 2006 with the participation of the other three ended in the group stage – including the last two title. However, the title of champion of Asia is likely to encourage Australians to try harder to realize the next dream.