Competition Madrid-Barca Maybe Until last week

Competition Madrid-Barca Maybe Until last week

Competition Madrid-Barca Maybe Until last week

Bilbao – Two matches that took place over the weekend a little to change the situation at the top of La Liga. Real Madrid and Barcelona competition fiercer, and is expected to continue to do so until the last week.

Madrid suffered a 0-4 defeat of Atletico Madrid put to good use by Barcelona. Come to San Mames on Monday (9/2) pm dawn, Barca 5-2 win over Athletic Bilbao.

The victory was close the distance between Madrid and Barca. Madrid is still leading the standings, but their difference with Barça only stayed one point.

Create Barca coach, Luis Enrique, now duel between Madrid and Barca is about who is the most consistent. With 16 games to end the season, there are many possibilities can occur.

“We already have ups and downs throughout the season goes,” said Enrique as reported by the US.

“The most consistent to who will be the champion. But, we will never know. It could be that a champion is determined in the last week.”

“So, there’s no reason we puffed up now. Like other clubs, we would have to face hard times and we must be ready to deal with it when it happens.”

Barca successfully won nine victories in the last nine games in all competitions. In nine wins, they are incised 34 goals and conceded seven goals.

Which should also be considered is the position of Atletico. Although in the third position, the team made by Diego Simeone was just four points from three points of Madrid and Barca.