Roma Stay Preparing Sambangi Headquarters Arsenal

Roma Stay Preparing Sambangi Headquarters Arsenal

Roma Stay Preparing Sambangi Headquarters Arsenal

Jakarta – View events scheduled visit to the headquarters in the first game Persib Bandung Indonesia Super League (ISL) in 2015. Although there is the possibility of ISL kickoff was delayed, ‘Black Pearl’ keep doing the preparation.

The match between Roma against Arsenal was originally held in starling Harupat Stadium, Friday (02/20/2015) future. But, the game was postponed because the threatened Indonesian Professional Sports Agency (BOPI) indicates not going to give recommendation to the ISL. BOPI mention, there are requirements that must be met by the club, the player’s contract, letter of salary debt free, and TIN club.

On the other hand, Roma had awaited the other two games after facing ‘Maung Bandung’. On 24 February, they will carry out a visit to the headquarters of the S-League champion, Warriors FC, to carry out the AFC Cup Group E match. Four days later, FC has been waiting for the team made it Osvaldo Lessa.

In preparation for the game match, Roma conducted exercises in Jakarta. Since today, Monday (16/2), they’ve conducted exercises in the field C Senayan.

Lessa said that the match against Arsenal remain the focus of Roma currently undergoing preparation. He also targeted seven points from three matches away that acted.

“I learned from the first in Brazil, should focus on the game ahead. This time Bandung, after the new AFC,” Lessa told reporters after practice.

“We have to be 100 percent, high concentration, focus, and prepared it alone. The target if it can win, but I know it’s hard. But this Roma, playing in the same home or away,” he said.