When Arsenal were beaten Backlash (Again)

When Arsenal were beaten Backlash (Again)

When Arsenal were beaten Backlash (Again)

London – beaten counterattack so deja vu seemed to Arsenal. When the defeat of AS Monaco in the first leg of the Champions League knock-out phase, a ghost named counterattack was re-made bed penggawa-penggawa the Gunners are not quiet.

Competing at home, Emirates Stadium, Thursday (26/2) pm dawn, ideally Arsenal have a distinct advantage. Moreover, Arsenal are reaping good results lately. –dua Last three matches in the Premier League and one in the Cup with a victory FA– them hungrily.

On the other hand, Monaco live match against Nice at the end of last week with a little bobbing. In the game, Monaco several times getting threats from Nice and had to play with 10 men because Aymen Abdennour get a red card.

However, Monaco successfully steal a 1-0 victory in the game. The only goal scored by kicking Monaco Bernardo Silva in the 85th minute initiated by mistake Nice defender.

But, Monaco shows that they are not inferior to Arsenal. Despite narrowly defeated in possession –43: 57–, Monaco was able to win 3-1.

Arsenal themselves appear to be ineffective. In ESPNFC records, they had 14 attempts throughout the game, but only four were on target. Meanwhile, Monaco itself has 10 attempts with 7 of them on target.

Two of the three goals in the game Monaco preceded by a quick counter attack. The first is through Dimitar Berbatov scored in the 53rd minute. In the process of the creation of that goal, preceded by a quick attack from the right sector of the Arsenal defense. Anthony Martial then gave the ball to Berbatov, who then finish with a right leg kick from inside the penalty box.

While the second is the goal Yannick Ferreira-Carrasco in second half injury time. Carrasco was born with the goal preceded by mistake Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who lost the ball when trying to build an attack. Carrasco then run fast from the middle and receiving feedback breakthrough. Carrasco continued his run up into the penalty box and fired a flat kick to the far post.

Arsenal had several times through a counterattack hit this season. One example is when a trip to the headquarters of Swansea City in the Premier League. In the game, Swansea won 2-1. Swansea’s first goal scored by Gylfi Sigurdsson, who kick bebas– preceded by a counterattack. When it is, Madou Barrow quickly stab from the center to the point to be stopped by Kieran Gibbs with the offense. Obtained from the free kick, Swansea then break into Arsenal.

Another example is the match against Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium. In the game, United won 1-2. United’s second goal in the game, scored by Wayne Rooney, created with only preceded by two operands: from Marouane Fellaini to Angel Di Maria, then from Di Maria to Rooney. The United quick counter-attack, when Arsenal were pressing, making the host should feel bitter pill.

Interestingly, not one-time United beat Arsenal through a counterattack. In the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo scored against Arsenal with preceded by a fast counter when Arsenal were pressing. In 2010, in the event the Premier League, Rooney had scored the goal which is almost similar to the Gunners.