Ancelotti: Barcelona at the summit, but the League Unfinished

Ancelotti: Barcelona at the summit, but the League Unfinished

Ancelotti: Barcelona at the summit, but the League Unfinished

Barcelona – Lost in a visit to Barcelona make four points behind Real Madrid. Carlo Ancelotti admitted his rival in a more favorable position, but he believes the opportunity is still there because the league is not over.

After two weeks ago lost the top, Madrid had a chance to take it again during a visit to Barcelona. Victory in El Clasico will make El Real again outperformed the Catalans with one point.

But what was targeted Madrid fail to materialize. Goals from Jeremy Matieu and Luis Suarez returned only once by Cristiano Ronaldo. Madrid lost 1-2 and are now four points behind the top.

“We build the game very well, now we have to continue it. This team has grown a lot but the league is still long. Barca have the advantage but we should not give up. Especially with good performances that we had in the first half,” Ancelotti said after the game.

At Camp Nou on Monday (23/03/2015) pm dawn, Madrid looks had a chance to go home with the points. Although left earlier, El Real appear more convincing than the host and create more opportunities to make goals.

But Madrid failed to maintain consistency in the second half. Barca turns much more dominant and eventually scored the winning goal through the action of Suarez.

“I think we did a good job retention for an hour, until the second goal (Barcelona) came and the game becomes very difficult. We did well (in the first half). We were solid at the back but still none the less. We look okay one hour , while 30 minutes is not too good, “added the official website of El Real.

Opportunities Madrid returned to displace Barca from the top is still open because the league still leaves 10 games. Moreover, cs Messi still has to undergo some difficult games like Valencia, Sevilla and Atletico Madrid.

That’s why Ancelotti ensure that La Liga is still one of the target amount of this season.

“Currently, the league is not over. Barca have the advantage and in football anything can happen. We will not make the Champions League as a priority (at the top of La Liga),” he said.