Children’s turn Jakarta Compete Towards Old Trafford

Children’s turn Jakarta Compete Towards Old Trafford

Children's turn Jakarta Compete Towards Old Trafford

Jakarta – The event CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy in 2015 has entered the province round. After Aceh, Jakarta now turn into a convening selection.

Province round is the second stage in the selection process of football talents in the event CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy 2015. The follow this stage are those who are able to pass the selection phase in Secondary City, which is followed by thousands of participants.

At the end of last week, the round begins in Aceh province. Selection of the next player is in Jakarta, March 7 to 8 tomorrow.

“Yesterday I get news from Kurniawan (Dwi Yulianto) and Zaenal Abidin that there are 40 names nomonasi (of Aceh) that according to their good and can be selected again to be the best eleven,” said Senior Brand Manager CLEAR, Johan Lie, in a press conference in Kuningan, Jakarta, Friday (03/06/2015).

Selection stage round in Jakarta province was held in Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Kuningan, South Jakarta. There are 16 teams that follow this step.

“In this event there are two criteria in the selection of players, namely the skills and mentality. So we are looking not only players with good skills, but also have good mental,” said Johan.

Team coach of Manchester United Soccer School is scheduled to monitor directly in the selection process. Former striker ‘Red Devils’, Andy Cole, will also be present.

“We arrival of three special guests, namely Andy Cole and two coaches from the Manchester United Soccer School. They will collaborate with local talent scout, Kurniawan and Zaenal Abidin,” said Johan.

“It aims to make the selection and tighter and obtained the best players to be dispatched to Old Trafford,” he added.

CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy 2015 is a talent search event involving the Indonesian football team with a total of 512 participants reached 8,192 players aged 16-17 years. From this event, will be selected next 11 best players will follow the training camp at Manchester United Soccer School in England in May.