Declining Productivity Trends Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo

Declining Productivity Trends Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo

Declining Productivity Trends Bale-Benzema-Ronaldo

Jakarta – Real Madrid after the 2015 rate was no longer as smooth as the first half of the season. At the same time productivity Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo also declining.

In various competitions, Madrid already swallowed three defeats since the turn of the year. Two of them they can in La Liga, while the other one in the Copa del Rey.

The series results are not disturbing the position of Real Madrid at the top of the Spanish league. However, the distance to Barcelona is in the second position is now only two points away, even had just one point a few weeks ago.

There are several things that make Madrid a little choked up running since January. Fatigue never called Carlo Ancelotti as one of the factors that have a major influence when the circuit breaking 22 wins collected by Valencia. In addition, some penggawa El Real also began infestation injury.

Another thing that makes Madrid is not as scary before the new year is a front-line productivity.

In the last 13 games in all competitions, Madrid players ‘only’ made 24 goals. That means that on average there are two goals made per game, the amount of which is not enough for the team segemerlap Madrid. Madrid could only make more than two goals in a match with Getafe and Real Sociedad.

For comparison, in the last 13 games in the 2014 Madrid managed to make 47 goals! Within the Los Merengues made five goals in a match with Athletic Bilbao, Levante and Cornella. While the four goals scored by the goal to Cornellà, Granada, Eibar, Almeria and Cruz Azul.

Madrid are no longer ‘creepy’ due to reduced sharpness of their deadly trio Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. Since the new year a total of three new made 15 goals in all competitions: Ronaldo makes seven, Benzema made five, while Bale scored three goals. The latter name does not even have to make a goal in the last seven games in all competitions.

The number of 15 goals from Benzema, Bale, and together with a Messi Ronaldo. Messi is being onfire since the new year has made 12 goals in the league and three in the Copa del Rey.

Meanwhile, if added together, trident belonging to Barcelona (Messi, Luis Suarez and Neymar) has made 32 goals in all competitions since 2015-17 goals more than Bale-Ronaldo-Benzema. As quoted by Marca.

Problem productivity decline, Carlo Ancelotti has also been highlighted that. After the draw with Villarreal at the end of last week, he called El Real play inefficient due to waste a lot of opportunities.

Note ESPNFC game show Madrid releasing 24 shots throughout the 90 minutes, but of that number only seven that led to the goal. Ronaldo a release 13 shots in the game, but only scored one goal and that too from the spot. Opta noted that 17 shots off target in a match with Villarreal is the largest in La Liga this season.