Guardiola Make Robben Kian Shines at Age Head Three

Guardiola Make Robben Kian Shines at Age Head Three

Guardiola Make Robben Kian Shines at Age Head Three

Munich – Although 31 years old and older to measure footballer including Arjen Robben precisely amid red-hot. For that Robben was grateful to the coach at Bayern Munich, Pep Guardiola.

Since the arrival of Pep in Bayern, Robben performance is increasingly sip alone. Just look at last season he made 21 goals from 45 appearances in all competitions.

While this season still leaves one-third of the season, Robben has to make 19 goals from 27 games that makes it so topskorer while Bayern in all competitions. Looking at the ratio of the current goal, it is not difficult for him to match the notch 23 goals in his first season with Bayern, which is the most prolific years of his career.

Not only goal, some records were also made Robben when he so players who reach 100 victories in the Bundesliga with the fewest number of games. Robben now appeared 126 times for Bayern with the rest ended 13 draws and 13 defeats.

With the rise in Robben’s performance in the last 18 months, it is natural if there is some people who wonder considering the Dutchman was already headed three but still at peak performance. Questioning it, Robben call Guardiola had a big hand.

“I am honored to be working with a lot of great coaches and obviously Guardiola is one of them. I’ve lived 31 years but in the last 18 months, I was making rapid progress,” said Robben in the Daily Mail.

“He was crazy about football. When I first talked with him, he told me that it is important for me start enjoying the game itself. He did not want me to relax but just appreciate the opportunity that lies ahead. He said: ‘Enjoy football and life’. directly it makes me more confident, “he continued.