Look at CLEAR Selection Method Players Come on! Indonesia Could Academy 2015

Look at CLEAR Selection Method Players Come on! Indonesia Could Academy 2015

Look at CLEAR Selection Method Players Come on! Indonesia Could Academy 2015

Jakarta – It took a long process to determine the 11 best young players in the arena CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy 2015. Selection Team has had a special way to filter out the players.

CLEAR Come on! Indonesia Could Academy in 2015 involving 512 teams with a total of 8,192 participants reach 16-17 year old players. From this event, will be selected next 11 best players will follow the training camp at Manchester United Soccer School in England in May.

The selection process has now entered the second phase, namely the province round. Which follow this stage are those who are able to pass the selection phase in Secondary City, which is followed by thousands of participants.

Stage selection round province held in six different locations, namely Aceh, Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Malang, and Papua. Aceh has held the selection at the end of last week and this weekend is the time for Jakarta.

The selection team composed of former national team players Kurniawan Dwi Yulianto, coach Zaenal Abidin Zapello, and two coaches from Manchester United Soccer School, Andy Robinson and Kevin O’Connell. They have a special formula to choose the best 11 players consisting of one goalkeeper, four defenders, four midfielders and two strikers.

“Our technique is to nominate 30 or 40 players in each location, then we make the best eleven fit their respective position. So, yesterday in Aceh we already had the 11 best players, from the goalkeeper to the attacker,” said Zaenal to detikSport in Soemantri Brodjonegoro, Kuningan, South Jakarta, Saturday (03/07/2015).

“Later they will be compared with the 11 best players in Jakarta. The goalkeeper with the goalkeeper, right back to right-back, two stopper with two stopper, and so on. We’ll see which one is superior. There could be a striker of Aceh, one of the strikers Jakarta.

“Later, the result will be the benchmark we select in Bandung. In Bandung was so well. If in Bandung nothing can beat the 11’s, so be it. Likewise, so in other cities,” said Zaenal.

Furthermore, Zaenal also describes the parameters he used in assessing the players. There are four main things that she noticed, namely technical, individual skills, conditioning, and psychology.

“As in the technical, how he’s dribbling, passing, heading, shooting. We see a whole,” he said.

“Then the individual skills, we see how the current one on one, either in a position to attack or defend. Also how she shows passing, how he showed varied shooting.

“Conditioning, one of which related to speed. Although they are not tested, we can see. How many times did he do sprints. Also the effectiveness of running them how.

“While psychology related sportsmanship on the field, could not motivate his friends, had no confidence. The nervous-nervous look. The overconfidence is also visible. Also can not he collaborated in his team. So, a lot of aspects that should we value , “said Zaenal.