Madrid was Confused Performance Down

Madrid was Confused Performance Down

Madrid was Confused Performance Down

Madrid – Real Madrid adds to the list of results disappoint in 2015 after defeated Schalke 04. The defeat increasingly cornered Los Blancos, which is also confusion with a decrease in performance.

Madrid swallow the bitter results of Schalke lost 3-4 at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday (11/03/2015) pm dawn earlier. These results connect the two previous negative results when the draw Villarreal and defeated Athletic Bilbao last weekend.

Luckily for Madrid, the score is to make sure they still advanced to the quarterfinals with a 5-4 aggregate. If Schalke scored once more or Los Merengues only making one goal less, the story would be very different.

“We reached the quarter-finals, is not the way we wanted. It was a tough night. We did not play as desired, but we escaped, which is the important thing,” said Madrid defender Nacho, on the club’s official website.

“It was a difficult game and Schalke are a good team. If they scored one more goal, we knew we would be eliminated,” he added.

The defeat also adds a long list of results is not slick Madrid in 2015. Of the 15 games, they’ve lost five times and drawn twice. Plummeted from the period before the turn of the year in which the foster children Carlo Ancelotti had perfect drove in 22 consecutive matches.

This rate is recognized makes Madrid yourself wondering. In this difficult time, Nacho just hope his team remained calm and the fans continue to provide support.

“We have not reached the peak level of performance over the past few weeks and we do not know why. We are working day by day to be a team that look like 2014 then, when we managed to win everything,” said Nacho.

“We need to be calm and people have to trust entirely to us. We are the same players and the level that we have, we’ll get through this,” said 25-year defender.