Old Trafford, Nightmare for the Gunners

Old Trafford, Nightmare for the Gunners

Old Trafford, Nightmare for the Gunners

London – Old Trafford being hostile to Arsenal lately. Although a poor record there, it will not disturb the minds of the players of the Gunners since the mission retain the FA Cup trophy is everything.

Arsenal is the defending champion of this competition will be a visit to the headquarters of Manchester United on Tuesday (10/3) pm dawn, in the continuation of the quarterfinal round of the FA Cup. Both teams certainly be all out in this game considering the FA Cup is the last chance for Manchester United or Arsenal won the title this season.

Both teams were also involved in the fierce competition in the Premier League as Arsenal are now in third place with only one point ahead of Manchester United in the fourth position.

Although a mission to win while keeping the championship trophy, Arsenal should be wary linked their poor record at Old Trafford and even more so against the ‘Red Devils’.

Because since a 1-0 win in March 2011, Arsenal could never beat Manchester United in all competitions. Even a few months after it was precisely in August 2011, Arsenal’s defeat of their biggest rivals when run over by a score of 2-8 at Old Trafford.

In addition, Arsenal did not have long to bring home the victory of the Theatre of Dreams since September 17, 2006 when winning by a score of 1-0.

Meanwhile in the FA Cup, Manchester United also had twice defeated Arsenal at home in February 2008 with a score of 4-0 and 2-0 in March 2011.

“As I said before, I do not want to deal with the previous HSIL (at Old Trafford whether it will have an effect or not). When the team does not play well then they lose. When the team does not perform as good as usual, then they lose,” said Wenger was quoted as saying Mirror.

“No matter what team fight, or at the stadium where they play. It all depends on the quality. What I have learned in my life is the appearance in the game determines the outcome, not where you play,” he continued.

“We win at home to Manchester City and the fact that we can win at home against, it’s important. It would be difficult if you can not win away games during the season. But we know that we can perform well in the cage opposite.”

“The fact we’ve become champions at Old Trafford with goals Wiltord, after the FA Cup final, and three days after we win there, and obviously it tipped the Premiership title,” said he.