Think Ramos Madrid Fair Supporting the Prosecution

Think Ramos Madrid Fair Supporting the Prosecution

Think Ramos Madrid Fair Supporting the Prosecution

Madrid – Real Madrid has support prosecution. Therefore, reasonable if there are players who perform poorly or team is on the decline, the supporters directly criticize it out.

As a player who has been almost ten years to play for Madrid, Sergio Ramos claimed to have been familiar with the situation. He was not surprised when later Madrid declined, slur over to the coach to the players.

Madrid’s 2-0 victory over Levante achieved was used as an opportunity to speak. According to Ramos, the results are not always bad ugly. In fact, bad results can be spray to face Madrid in order to quickly get up.

“The situation was difficult due to a series of poor results. However, the signal to wake up as it is not a bad thing,” said Ramos as reported by the US.

“The demand here is higher than any other club. I’ve been here a long time and has been frequently confronted with such situations –sama was not worried.”

After the win over Levante, Madrid is now staring match against Barcelona at the Camp Nou which will take place this weekend. Currently, Madrid who came in second place just one point with Barca.

“We have to be more compact than before, go to the Camp Nou to win and show our performance. Victory (Levante) today is important to inject confidence,” said the 28-year-old defender.

Before against Levante, Madrid had to undergo three games without a win. Two of them, namely time to face Athletic Bilbao and Schalke 04, ended in defeat.

Because of a series of unsatisfactory results, some players like Gareth Bale was getting criticism from his own supporters.

When scoring against Levante, Bale celebrate with closed ears. Some media in Spain call in response to the criticism directed at him.