Barca won 2-0 at Espanyol

Barca won 2-0 at Espanyol

Barca won 2-0 at Espanyol

Jakarta – Barcelona managed to earn full points from a visit to the headquarters of Espanyol in La Liga, despite a loss of Jordi Alba in the 54th minute. Neymar and Lionel Messi was the top scorer in the match.

Playing at the Estadi Cornella-El Prat on Saturday (25/04/2015) night, Barca won 2-0. Barca aggressive since the first minute. But, being less dominant when it comes to performing with 10 players.

Throughout the match Barca make 72% ball possession and 12 shots on goal made with five of them on target. As for Espanyol only make six chances and only two were right on target.

With three points, the solid Barca at the top of the standings with 81 points Espanyol collection collects 42 points and still there at number 10.

The game

Barca immediately kicked from the kickoff. Entering the 10th minute Neymar get a golden opportunity. Sweet feed from Messi Neymar greeted well, but the ball hit the goalpost. Three minutes later Suarez tried their luck but caught offside.

Barca eventually winning 1-0. Neymar opened the scoring for Barca in the 17th minute. Starting from the kick Jordi Alba who dribble on the left side, the ball over Suarez and accepted Neymar. Did not waste the opportunity menyeloskan Neymar’s goal to the host and can not be anticipated Francisco Casilla.

In the 26th minute Messi doubled Barca’s lead. The ball came from Suarez and accepted Messi is already very close to the wicket. Without escort, Messi easily goalkeeper Casilla. 2-0 to Barca.

Blaugrana continue to try to add numbers. Continue to urge all the Espanyol defense 10 minutes before half-time, but fruitless effort Barca single goal. Including a chance at the last minute Suarez obtained from the feed-back Jordi Alba. However, Suarez kick was wide right of the goal.

Position remained 2-0 at halftime.

New three-minute second-half run, the goal Barca threatened. Sergio Garcia dribbles to approach the goal of Claudio Bravo, but Felipe Caideo declared offside.

Barca have not managed to create chances until the 54th minute. However, Barca instead had to play with 10 men. Alba getting a yellow card for kicking the ball to vent frustration with. Alba later protested and responded to the referee brandished a red card.

In the 56th minute, Messi has a good chance to increase the advantage Barca. Getting the ball from outside the box, Messi was able to get past the defender Espanyol. But, he kick against the post. Position unchanged.

Neymar’s turn to get a chance of bait Suarez. But it has not been fruitful cooperation goals, Neymar kick wide to the right side of the goal.

Barca back pressed while Caicedo unmarked and located right in front of goal to try their luck. But he bounced across goal kick.

Again, again Barca almost conceded. Cristian Stuani unmarked shot without escort and shoot the goal Bravo. Barca goalkeeper still survived with anticipation Bravo accurate.

Espanyol get a free kick in injury time. But failed to capitalize.

Barca finished the game with a 2-0 victory.


Espanyol: Casilla, Moreno, Alvaro, Arbilla, Duarte; Alvarez (Montanes 74 ‘), Garcia, Gonzalez (Sevilla 61’), Canas, Lucas, Caicedo (Stuani 70 ‘).

Barcelona: Bravo, Pique, Mascherano, Alba, Alves; Busquets, Iniesta, Rafinha (Mathieu 65 ‘); Suarez (Rakitic 80 ‘), Messi, Neymar