Madrid Will Make Barca Continues Sweating

Madrid Will Make Barca Continues Sweating

Madrid Will Make Barca Continues Sweating

Madrid – The victory over Real Madrid Almeria brings back against Barcelona at the top. Los Blancos are determined to continue to put pressure on its rivals in the hope that they slip.

Madrid won 3-0 at home to Almeria on Thursday (04/30/2015) pm dawn earlier. James Rodriguez and Alvaro Arbeloa contributed a goal, while the other goal was an own goal by Mauro Dos Santos.

Three additional points made Madrid back closer to Barca, which first play, at the top. They are now collecting 82 value of 34 weeks, just two points behind the Blaugrana.

Opportunity to follow of course still open in four games remaining. Therefore, the children of the capital determined to win and provide a threat to Barca for not too comfortable at the top.

“On the day when we lost in Barcelona, ​​we knew we had to win 10 games left that we have. If they do that, we would like to congratulate them,” said Arbeloa on the official club website.

“But we must give the greatest possible pressure that can be given and won all the remaining games. So they have to fight and were kept sweating until the end.”

“We will keep going with the mentality that since previously we had. The team is always compact and tough, we will continue like that for a series of close-season we want to finish with a slick,” he added.

As Barca, Madrid also still have to divide the concentration to carry out the Champions League semi-final match. There are fears that this will exhausting and mentally.

Since against Sevilla in the league until the last league game cons cons Getafe, a total of six matches, including the two-leg semi-finals of the Champions League. Six matches must be completed only within 21 days, or an average of 3.5 days later than one match to the other games. However Arbeloa insists his team are ready to face this challenging period compacted.

“We are not exhausted staring circuits remaining games. We have enough fuel, so we deal with the best form and with all the strength that we have,” he said.

“In the Champions League our destiny is in their own hands and not in La Liga. Our target is to win seven games left if we reach the final in Berlin,” the Spanish international defender.