Requested jokowi Support Assertiveness Affairs at PSSI

Requested jokowi Support Assertiveness Affairs at PSSI

Requested jokowi Support Assertiveness Affairs at PSSI

Jakarta – Imam Nahrawi Affairs is expected to be assertive in fixing the problems of football in the country. Her boss, President Joko Widodo, was asked to support the assistant.

It was submitted by a group of volunteers who are members of the Volunteer Jokowi PEKERJO, addressing confusion Indonesian football, which is now back to being a polemic ‘hot’. They support firm steps to fix the governance Affairs Indonesian football, and requested that Jokowi support any policy Imam.

“Why the president must also consider the problem of football, because we’ve been too long, has 25 years PSSI not well taken care of so that the football we never accomplished, even loaded with cases of sportsmanship tarnished the sport itself,” said Volunteer Coordinator PEKERJO, Partoba Pangaribuan, in his statement to detiksport, Thursday (04/16/2015).

“And we see no indication of political resistance to the Affairs. It has been too long since football administered by people who have political interests and material. That’s why we strongly support the movement to ‘kick politics out of football’.”

Affairs through the Indonesian Professional Sports Agency (BOPI) to date is still considered decisive for his face ngeyel PSSI, who still do not want government interference, on the pretext of FIFA statutes.

Although impressed anti-government, but PSSI also approached the House and to meet with Vice President Jusuf Kalla.

“Yes there may be certain considerations, we do not know exactly yes. Maybe PSSI hope JK can slightly soften Pak Affairs. But in my opinion, the President had to support his minister,” said Partoba.

He then warned, some cases prove that the PSSI has been mismanaged, from salaries to football players who organized mafia elephant, which indicates there is mental that must be addressed from the federation board.

“PSSI had to be overhauled for the good of Indonesian football itself, because we think this part of the concept of ‘Mental Revolution’. How do we want to change that mental values ​​of sportsmanship in the sport itself dilabrak continue?

“Minister Susi is currently fighting fish mafia, mafia Sudirman Said fierce with oil and gas, and is currently facing a brave Nahrawi Affairs Imam mafia ball. If all the helpers Jokowi work like this, great hope Indonesia is no longer a dream,” concludes Partoba.

Related Affairs wishes to be firm, recently Group Discussion and Study of Public Opinion (kedaiKOPI) create an online poll related to it. As a result, the majority of netizens hope Imam public firm and do not be afraid of the threat of FIFA sanctions, as long as the Indonesian football could be better. Only 7% were asked Affairs let football remains fully taken care of by the PSSI.