CR7 Season Five streak Hat-trick Hurdles to Sevilla

CR7 Season Five streak Hat-trick Hurdles to Sevilla

CR7 Season Five streak Hat-trick Hurdles to Sevilla

Jakarta – Cristiano Ronaldo scored three goals against Sevilla. There are many top notch made CR7 trigolnya it, including the fact that he never missed to make a hat-trick against Sevillistas in five consecutive seasons.

Real Madrid continue to stick to Barcelona at the top of La Liga after a 3-2 victory in a trip to Sevilla. Ronaldo became a star and hero El Real in the game after he bought up all the goals of his team.

Specifically in the Spanish league, it is a hat-trick number 25 for CR7. While in all competitions – both national team and club – the Portuguese player has recorded 32 hat-trick.

Create Sevilla, Ronaldo may be regarded as a terrible monster. Imagine, of 25 hat-trick that made Ronaldo in the Spanish league, five of which he made to the Sevilla goal. Amazingly, Ronaldo did it in five consecutive seasons.

Ronaldo became the first player to score a hat-trick five consecutive seasons for the same team’s goal.

Ronaldo hat-trick first to Sevilla goal he made in the 2010/2011 season. He was at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan when it actually scored four goals (30, 64, 70, and 76) to give Real Madrid a 6-2 victory.

The 2011/2012 Madrid back to win 6-2 in the same place, back Ronaldo became a star with her three lesakkan goal in the 10th minute, 41 and 86. A year later (2012/2013) at the Santiago Bernabeu Madrid win 4-1 Ronaldo listed his name on the scoreboard at minute 26, 46 and 59.

Ronaldo hat-trick goal Sevilla back continues in 2013/2014. Madrid were back can be a big win 7-3 Ronaldo helped by three goals in minutes 31, 60, and 71.

While on Saturday (05/02/2015) at the weekend, the world’s best players make a goal at minute 36, 37, and 68 to give his side a 3-2 advantage.

Problem successive hat-trick goal of the team, Ronaldo broke the record of Alfredo Di Stefano. Madrid legend was recorded once made it a hat-trick four consecutive seasons to the goalkeeper Las Palmas.

Statistics of Cristiano Ronaldo hat-trick:

– Cristiano is the first player in the history of the Spanish league which made it a hat-trick against the same team for five consecutive seasons.

– Hat-trick against Sevilla into trigol to-29 for Ronaldo in Madrid uniform. He became a Madrid player with the highest number of hat-trick in the history, mengalahlkan Alfredo di Stefano with (28).

– Ronaldo has made a total of 19 goals against Sevilla in La Liga. Sevilla became the club’s most frequently uprooted his goal by CR7.

– Ronaldo has made a total of 32 hat-trick of his career: 29 for Madrid, two to Portugal, one with Manchester United.

– Ronaldo now side with Lionel Messi as the player with the most hat-trick this season. In all competitions, Messi and Ronaldo are both already made six hat-trick.

– Throughout the history of La Liga, Ronaldo has now become the most players scoring a hat-trick. Number 25 hat-trick that he created a superior one above Messi.